We are excited to announce our first release of GeoDesk for Python: Query, analyze, display and transform OpenStreetMap features using the world’s most popular scripting language — on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

  • Store the entire world-wide OSM dataset locally in under 100 GB (or any extract you wish)

  • Query features based on type, tags and spatial relationships (e.g. intersects, within, contains, connects_to) — 50x faster than SQL

  • Measure features: length, area, distance

  • Explore object graphs (nodes of ways, members of relations)

  • Obtain geometric shapes and process them using Shapely (Python wrapper for GEOS)

  • Convert features to various formats (just GeoJSON and WKT for now, but more are coming)

  • 100% free & open-source

Try it now!

Learn more:

We appreciate your feedback! Reach out on GitHub if you run into difficulties, and follow @geodesk@en.osm.town to receive updates on future releases and other helpful tips about OpenStreetMap and geospatial software.