GeoDesk is a spatial database engine for OpenStreetMap™ features

Build fast and powerful applications using the world’s largest collection of free geodata.

Compact database format

A Geographic Object Library is only 10 to 50 percent larger than its OSM-PBF source data. That’s less than one-tenth of the storage footprint of a traditional database!

Compact storage

Lightning-fast queries

Find features based on tags, bounding box and/or spatial relationships. Queries return Java objects and are typically 50 times faster than SQL.


Easy to get started

Import OSM data in minutes instead of hours, even on low-end hardware — or download ready-made tiles for just the regions you need.

Fast imports

Full OpenStreetMap support

GOLs contain not only shapes, but faithfully replicate the OSM data model — including relations.

Full OpenStreetMap support

100% free and open-source